Educational Products and Services

Educational Products and Services

ABC Black Iconic Figures is a Black, female-owned educational resource company. Our products consist of culturally relevant materials designed to combat the unequal representation, and cultural insensitivity embedded within the educational system. Utilizing the power of Black history, our materials educate and empower children PreK-3rd grade in the areas of reading, writing, and math literacy.

Our collective of educational products consist of interactive flash card and matching coloring book. Our guided curriculum is dedicated to teaching children about Black history, the English alphabet, and literacy while also promoting physical and emotional wellness. We are committed to creating an all-inclusive educational experience that highlights and uplifts the importance of positive Black representation in education. 

From the ABC Black Iconic Figures flashcards, children will learn about influential African American historical figures. The flashcards are designed to be interactive and fascinating, helping ignite a passion for learning in young children. These flashcards, which parents and educators can proudly display in their homes or classrooms, will help to create a learning environment where kids of all ages can draw inspiration from the grit and determination of black icons.

The ABC Black Iconic Figures Coloring Book is another powerful educational tool that parents and teachers can use to accompany the flashcards. Featuring beautifully illustrated portraits of each featured figure, it encourages young artistic minds to engage with their surroundings and discover their creative potential. Coloring books are known to help improve concentration and overall health and wellness, giving children a valuable activity to engage in that can improve their overall well-being.

The education these products provide goes beyond purely academic factors. By encouraging young children to learn about black history, the alphabet, and literacy, they are creating opportunities for children to gain confidence, knowledge, and interest in various disciplines. With this comprehensive approach, children will be well-equipped to develop their full potential in childhood, paving the way for future success.

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to learn more about our organization and products. Our mission is to create a solution-based platform for early education that is equitable for young children of all abilities, giving each of them the chance to experience the power of knowledge, imagination, and positive representation. With successfully funded projects like this, our collective dream of empowering children through education can become a reality. Contact us now here, or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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