Inspiring Education Through Black Historic Icons

Inspiring Education Through Black Historic Icons

Our mission is to recognize the pivotal role Black figures have played in our history while highlighting the immense amount of influence they have had on us, our communities, and the social conscience. We created ABC Black Iconic Figures as a means to educate and promote the action and representation of Black figures, as they are pivotal in our development as individuals, and to advocate for non-biased media representation.

We approached this project as "we need to influence our children ASAP". We recognize how important it is to socialize young minds and promote non-biased media representation. It's critical to recognize that everyone deserves a voice, regardless of race, and understanding the history that hardships have given us has allowed us to advocate for the positive changes we strive for today.

Being advocates for social justice ourselves, we made sure that the features of our educational items are culturally relevant to serve as powerful teaching moments and to emphasize the important role each of these Black icons has played in building bridges amongst people of color.

We are confident that as young children learn from these products, they will gain a better understanding of the importance of advocacy for social justice and equality for all. It is our hope that adults across the country will reach out to us and allow us to bring our products to the masses and platforms that educate and enlighten our nation towards the development and growth of tomorrow.

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